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A half day work

Mummy and i decided to follow ayah to work on this beautiful sleepy saturday morning.

We kindly regretted this decision, ayah..

We're extremely bored...

I wanna roll around n put things into my mouth but mummy wont let me because there's no place to roll.. N mummy looks so sleepy n hungry..

I dont worry about my tummy cos mummy has the milk supply i need. Hehe

Baby's Skin Essentials

Ayra has a very delicate skin. if not because of exclusive breastmilk, i think she could have developed eczema like her mummy. (poor mummy). that is another reason why i insist on fully breastmilk feeding. do not want her to develop eczema nor asthma which is hereditary and very common in infants. by bf, it is proven to lower the risk of the infant to develop such condition. having eczema and asthma is very very troubling. i should know. u have to have steroid and inhalers for backup. poor mummy. again.

During her first few days of life, we did not put anything on the diaper area. she was okay actually. no diaper rash what so ever. then my sister in law suggested to put Drapolene to prevent from diaper rash. and so we did. and that was a big fat mistake. her nappy area turned soooo red. i was so worried looking at it. quickly asked hubby to buy Earth Mama Angle Baby Bottom Balm. an organic product that heals napy rash. not only that, it can also heal any rashes or inflammation in oth…

From Zero to Seven

Bambam is 7 months old recently. 24.6.2012 (Dina's birthday. wohoo).
sometimes i can't wait for the time when she can do lots of things, especially walking. she is getting heavier each day! sometimes i feel the time really runs too fast.
when i first gave birth to her, during the 1st month of confinement period, i'd say, it was the hardest time of my life. even harder than popping her out of my oven. hehe. she had jaundice that seemed like it would never ever go away. (a month of jaundice okay!) the sleep deprivation, the breastfeeding issues, the sore and engorgement, the messy house and messy hair. the tiredness of going back and forth to the clinic to check her bilirubin level, the mind bugging worry why is her jaundice is sooo long. worry here and there. fuhhhh.
it was tough! 

 And now, here we are. 7 months later. it is very hard to put her on diapers! and she likes to kick her feet and babbles sounds. alhamdulillah, i am still able to provide her with breastmilk. am…

The Opening

Opening a new blog after such a long long long time... the last time i had i was still in the uni.. then something happened..something bitter that i decided to delete it. permanently.
but i miss writing..and so here i am.. years later. having a cute darling daughter Ayra.. oh she is such a doll. she is sooo cute. yes, i am praising my own flesh and blood. why not? it's the truth. hehe.

she is rolling around now, she like to yada yada around. her yada yada is so cute. sometimes we swear we could understand what she's babbling about.

Bambam (manja name for her) likes apple, mango and pear a lot. and sweet potato. and so the name idea Mango & Apple for the blog came. had to leave sweet potato and pear out. Or else it would be a market! really could not find a decent casual name for the blog. so.. stuck with this i guess. Hubby said it's kind of okay.
well.. not such a big deal. no readers anyway. ha-ha.

Bambam knows how to roll around, lift up her bud as high as she can. …